Select essays and interviews with Glen Steinman

bullet Brewers' Guardian November 2012
China 2012: A difficult year

bullet Redburn Review September 2011
30 Years of Change in China

bullet Brewers' Guardian October 2009
The profit/ volume paradox

bullet Financial Times 14/02/07
Two-barrel approach

bullet 17/12/06
Let it Snow

bullet The Standard 20/07/04
Multinationals in Merger Hunt Despite Risks

bullet The Asian Wall Street Journal 10/03/04
Global Brewers in China Tap Into Local Brands To Pump Up Their Sales

bullet Beverage World 15/02/04
Global Beer: Consolidation Continues

bullet Beverage World 15/02/03
Global Beer: Tapping into Growth

bullet CNN 31/12/02
China's Beer Boom

bullet 01/11/02
Industry Overview: Beer or Bust - The Chinese Beer Market

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