SEEMA provides comprehensive business development consulting services to leading multi-national corporations and fast-growing entrepreneurial firms seeking to grow or launch their business in Greater China and other Asian markets. Industries of primary focus include beer, distribution, industrial coatings, and packaging. We also consult extensively to other industries.

Seema approaches each consulting assignment by first developing a detailed understanding of the client's needs, as well as its relevant business and industry. This forms the platform for the establishment of specific and achievable program objectives. Regular interaction with the client's senior management and designated project team helps ensure results that meet those objectives, while promoting client "ownership" in each program's success.

The extensive operating experience of Seema's senior partners makes us uniquely sensitive to our client’s needs and thereby helps us provide them the highest level of specialized and customized service.

Seema typically serves clients on either a retainer that promotes the continually increased specialization of our services provided to them or a project basis designed to meet immediate goals.

Strict confidentiality is maintained for all customers and projects.


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